AKA Took Some Shots on Burna Boy With Nkalakatha Remix

‘Cancel my people, cancel your visa,’ raps AKA which is said to be shots targeting Burna Boy who got his south African show cancelled last month.

Costa Tich’s viral hit “Nkalakatha.” Had guest verses from rapper AKA and Ricky Rick with AKA’s verse has trending since the song dropped. It’s the subliminal shots he’s throwing in the verse that has a lot of people talking. He seems to take aim at Burna Boy’s recent tirade about South Africa amidst the xenophobic attacks in September.

He raps:

“I am the king of the jungle, Julius Caesar/ Cancel my people, cancel your visa/ Nobody gon enter/ South Aah is the kingdom, the Garden of Eden/ And I’m at the center/ The public protector”

Together with Sho Madjozi, AKA was one of the most vocal artists who stood up against Burna Boy’s tirade which many found crass and a little misguided. In his verse, AKA questions why other celebrities chose to keep mum about the issue. He raps:

“How can I be the only one/ with opinions on the radio on smash?/ Watermelon on taps/ Small politician, big man, v’tsek”

Riky Rick’s verse doesn’t disappoint, as usual he has been on a winning streak with his guest verses (let’s not get into his verse on Priddy Ugly’s verse “Every Mountain Got a Peak”).

Costa Tich’s singe “Nkalakatha” was inspired by the late kwaito star Mandoza’s mega hit single of the same name that was released in the year 2000 and is one of the greatest South African songs of all time.

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