“Black Panther 2” Release Date Has Been Officially Unveiled

Marvel fanatics and film buffs alike, can rest happy with the knowledge of Black Panther 2 theatrical release: May 6, 2022. Ryan Coogler and his creative figureheads were on hand at Disney’s D23 Expo this weekend to share the news, as well as other details such as the progress they’ve made since they sitting down to write the script (Oct. 2018).

Director of black panther 2 Ryan Cooler made the announcement at Disney’s D23 Expo.

If you understand Coogler correctly, he and his cohorts are going to take their time with their brainchild in order to set it right. In the interim, Marvel fans will be asked to enjoy the other, less striking titles in the itinerary, be it another The Eternals starring Gemma Chan or the Black Widow spinoff starring Scarlett Johansson, all slated to hit theaters in the middle to late months of 2020.

The 3-year window leaves Marvel fans with enough of a cool-off period, after witnessing what is likely to be a sh-storm of political content leading up to, and after the Presidential Elections in 2020. Make like an oracle, and be your own superhero for once.

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