new black batman
photo: sideshow.com

DC Apparently have in  the plan  to usher in a new Batman next year, and for the first time in the character’s history, the person donning the cape and cowl will be a black man. According to Bleeding Cool’s Rich Johnston, The hot gossip coming out of comic book shows this weekend from a number of prominent sources, is that in the summer of 2020 leading into 2021, DC Comics is planning to bring us a black Batman. Not Bruce Wayne, but someone else donning the cowl and cape.

This new idea came in place after Marvel Comics has given fans a black/Latino Spider-Man with Miles Morales, popularized in the Into The Spider-Verse movie. Sam Wilson took on the role of Captain America, reflected in the Avengers: Endgame movie. And Nick Fury has been replaced in the Marvel Universe by his black son, Nick Fury, Jr, reflecting the casting of Samuel L Jackson in the Marvel movies. Johnston confirms that it will not be Duke Thomas, though he does hint that both Black Lightning and Batwing could be viable contenders. That is, should they opt against creating somebody new, which remains a strong possibility.

With this development set to launch in 2020, it gives plenty of time for the outrage to both rise and settle, as such changes are always likely to provoke a heated (disguised as passionate) response. It should be interesting to see a new take on the iconic hero, and we’ll be keeping an eye out for more developments as they surface.

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