‘DISNEY FROZEN II’ Everything you need to know so far

Frozen II Trailer Is Said to be Enchanting and Dangerous

As the Frozen II starring Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel opens on November 22, fans all over the world can’t wait for the Disney fairytale animate to hit the cinema. Here is a brief insight on the trailers circulating around the web so far and plain explanation on what to expect before the drop date.

Disney has revealed a new trailer for the film. Showing Elsa and Anna heading on a journey to an Enchanted Forest they first learned about as children, to discover the truth behind Elsa’s powers and find out why the forest separated itself from the rest of the world all those years ago.

The first trailer for Frozen II was all showing around Anna and Elsa’s world about to get a whole lot bigger, it didn’t give away much in the way of what the movie is about.

Well The second trailer is here and expanded, although still yet no sign of new characters or music so far, the second trailer tried to reveal where Elsa’s powers came from and what they were meant to be.

From the second trailer It’s clear that Elsa’s growing abilities, and the discovery of this enchanted land and its people, are pushing her away from her own family and kingdom, making Anna’s role as the reasoned, balancing force in Elsa’s overpowered life all-the-more crucial.

Stay tuned for more update from the next available trailer expected to be revealed soon, hopefully this time around it would introduce the new set of characters and songs to be featured on the movie.


Here are some couple of images compiled so far courtesy of getty images

frozen ii images

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