Inside Dr. Dre’s $60 Million Yacht

Dr. Dre is one of the richest men in hip hop with a net worth of about $850 Million. He’s a shrewd businessman who has invested his money wisely. One of his biggest luxuries is his $60 million yacht. Yes vacationing of the coast of Italy on a luxury hotel on water seems like an extravagance, but Dr. Dre also gets a return on this investment. When Dre isn’t using his super yacht named Naia, he rents it out for a whopping $580,000 a week!

The yacht, as featured in this clip from the HBO Show The Defiant Ones, features a water slide, helipad, jet skis and a five person submarine.  Go inside Dr. Dre’s yacht in the video and pics below.

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inside Dre yatch


inside Dre yatch


inside Dre yatch





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