Kanye West Reveals “Jesus Is King” Album Cover

Jesus Is King: A Kanye West Experience was finally brought to New York on Sunday night

Kanye West’s ninth studio album Jesus Is King was supposed to be released on Friday according to Kim and it didn’t, Kim Kardashian again shared that it would pushed back to Sunday due to final mixing tweaks, yet again the weekend passed without the release.. While the album (unsurprisingly) didn’t drop on Sunday either, although Kanye did preview the project in different states.

jesus is king

Starting with an event in Detroit, titled Jesus Is King: A Kanye West Experience. with Sunday Service choir performing at James Turrell’s Roden Carter art installation in Arizona’s Painted Desert. And also a peek in Chicago saturday where he also joined Chance the Rapper on stage at The Big Day tour opener.


Reports from HNHH said

Jesus Is King: A Kanye West Experience was finally brought to New York on Sunday night, after hosting Sunday Service in Queens. Attendees of Manhattan’s United Palace didn’t only get a glimpse of the film, but also the Jesus Is King album. Videos of an enraptured crowd hearing the album’s Clipse-assisted track, “Use This Gospel”, have begun circling around the Twitterverse. The song also features a saxophone section by none other than Kenny G. Aside from music previews, As one Twitter user astutely stated, “If I could describe this album cover it would be Biblical Art piece meets Microsoft Paint.”

jesus is king

Hopefully the album is expected to be available nothing later than ending this year with hints saying it might be Dec 25th 2019.

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