M.I Abaga To Address Vector ‘The Purge’ Diss On New EP

After days of demanding that M.I Abaga respond to the diss track, the Chocolate City boss has decisively answered, vowing to sufficiently serve his response to Vector who started the fracas on a track titled Purge.

This however is his second track sending shots at M.I Abaga, leaving M’s  followers wondering if he will ever give his reply as they think the diss track by Vector and his team a week ago deserves a response.

When a fan then asked that, “Please and please all we need to hear from you is reply to Vector, we are your real fans who Vector call dumb,” M.I replied that, “Chai!!! The thing hurt me..he shall be adequately addressed!!!!”


According to M.I, he was offended by Vector describing his fans as “dumb” and he disclosed he is going to act in response to Vector ADEQUATELY.

The announcement was made via his Twitter account. he wrote, “Trying to squeeze out a whole ep for you guys!!! Once I sign my new contract releasing music wont be completely up to me.. so.. hopefully by next weekend we have a few songs for y’all.”


All fingers are crossed and indexed, hoping to see what M.I have in stock and to see if his first reply to Vector would bring an end to the beef or ignite more flames.


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