The above are the most disturbing rap songs that are having some pretty messed up stuff  used as lyrics talking about  some pretty heavy subjects so if  this is not your thing  you might want to back away from this  and also I think that I have to say some of  the songs on here do discuss very serious topics such as RAPE,PEDOPHILE and MURDER so if those topics make you really uncomfortable or if it something that  personally affected you may not want to watch this songs video or listen to the audios.

Number 10

Riitz (Call 911)

Released September 9 2014

Ritz tells two different stories on each both of which are pretty gruesome the first tells the story of a home invasion which with a particular moment in the song where you hear women screaming and in then the second verse he tells the story of a father who tries to stop his daughter dating a mischievous boyfriend who ended killing the father with a whale and his daughter watches pretty nasty stuff I must say.

Number 9

BIZARRE (I love the babies)

Released July 8 2008

literally the song is about being a pedophile with some sources saying BIZARRE is actually one but come on this is just shock value for the sake of shock value  and it  not really entertaining in any way there is no hate here but he really needs to think about what he  rapping but it just  not funny  its  just pretty nasty  making it pretty impossible to enjoy the song this one is more disturbing in the way that bizarre thinks this is actually funny but  the exact opposite and I guess the irony that the humor is quite juvenile.

Number 8

BROTHA LYNCH HUNG (meat cleaver)

Released February 5 2013

Any list of a complete disturbing songs list won’t be complete if there is no BROTHA LYNCH on it. On his track MEAT CLEAVER he exemplifies horror core but Lynch which the song is from a concept album of a cannibalistic serial killer so you can imagine what kind of stuff the song is all about dose of GRUSOME MURDER, NEROPHILIA and RAPE as if that wasn’t enough a weird skit in the middle of the song where he talks about MOTHER TO SON INCEST.

Number 7

BIG LURCH (I did it to you)

Released February 1 2004

When you hear someone is injecting him self with  BEER with BATTERY ACID. Well LURCH took everything to another level most times the thing with most of these disturbing rap songs  which talks about murder, we all  know they  are just fictionally and they have never actually killed anyone however shortly after the making of this song big lurch genuinely commits murder he actually killed and ate his roommate while he was high on PCP the details are quite shocking with him apparently ripping open her chest and consuming parts of her lungs just knowing that makes  everything you hear in this song that much more horrifying.

Number 6

NOTORIOUS B.I.G (suicidal thoughts)

Released September 13 1994

BIGGIE goes into about why he sometimes feels suicidal it takes it to some really dark places such as when he says his mother probably wishes she had an abortion he also delves into why he feels he is not a good person and I mean the title just tells you exactly what this is it man suicidal thoughts and the track ends with the sounds of BIGGIE shooting himself in the head.

Number 5

CAGE (ballad of worms)

Released January 1 2003

 a lot of people have said the song is simply metaphor for cages complicated relationship with hip-hop but regardless of whether that is true or not it’s quite a bleak lesson to explain it in a basic way the song just has a really haunting vibe  based on true stories are some of them are disturbing to listen to.

Number 4

PLAN B (Suzanne)

Released January 28 2007

This song talks about Anthony hardy who is dubbed the campdon rapper known to have killed so many prostitutes and dismember them with a chain saw, where in the audio you can hear  women parts been dismembered, making the song have some hunting vibe basically because it’s a true story related track this make PLAN B paint vividly picture of what he did.

Number 3

EMINEM (kim)

Released May 23 2000

Eminem has always been able to channel anger really well through his voice without  necessarily shouting but  not only disturbing is the lyrics  the song also details Eminem murdering his ex-wife new family then chasing her through the woods to strangle her to death.

he also mentioned slitting a four-year-old throat making the line to be censored even on explicit versions of the song on YouTube the track  goes all in and it is really shocking if you haven’t heard it before and when you think a song can’t get any more twisted.

Number 2

IMMORTAL TECHNIQUE (Dance with the devil)

Released September 14 2001

Listening to this song alone would make one feel like throwing up because  the story told on this song follows a man who wants to join a gang as an initiation into this gang he was given the task of raping and killing a woman this eventually leads to him unintentionally  beating and raping his own mother and he didn’t  know it was her because she had a bag over her head when her identity is revealed to him he  was so shocked and disgusted making him commits suicide  instantly, if haven heard it before prepared to feel absolutely horrified.

Number 1

ANGEL HAZE (Cleaning up my closet)

Released October 25 2012

Listening to this song alone would make you speechless because genuinely it is super uncomfortable to listen to and the fact that’s  a true story is even more upsetting, here angel tells the story of how she was raped at the age of seven multiple times by a family member where she goes into pretty graphic detail about the whole thing as well its really intense and she talks about how she was afraid to tell people that she felt helpless and  how it really affected her psychological health and how it kind of molded her to whom she would grow up to be.

its a horrifying story and it will really hit you insanely hard if you have not heard it yeah she actually said in an interview she intends people to be disgusted by the song so that more people can realize the harsh realities of sexual abuse and really take it seriously this one was definitely the most disturbing on here purely because it’s a real story and the way it was told is very very intense.

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