Its no longer a secret that rapper Post Malone is preparing for the apocalypse with a $3 million compound tucked away in Northern Utah and the first images of the property prove it’s a pretty sweet place to await the end of the world!!!

post malone new house

According to TMZ Post’s been quietly living in the nice home since buying it early last year and the place is simply amazing.

post malone on dirt bike
photo: tmz.com

The home is said to be in a super secluded area outside Salt Lake City, and the property sprawls over 6.75 acres of natural beauty, with breathtaking views of the canyons, mountains and city skyline which can be best seen from the expansive pool deck in the backyard, and through the floor to ceiling windows covering the home.

post malone pool view
photo: brobible

The rapper spared no expense keeping himself occupied as he waits for doomsday with the 5-bed, 6-bath mansion is 12,702 square feet with a fire pit, basketball court, wine cellar, home gym and hot tub. Reports are also saying Post Malone is putting in a recording studio and 30 bunk beds for his best buds in case they come visiting.

post malone sitting room
photo: brobible

He’s also adding to the home a massive underground bunker, which he says will survive the end of days. He says he loves living out in the sticks, where he can do what he calls, “cowboy s***,” like shooting guns.

post malone crib sky view
photo: brobible

more images of the house can be viewed below



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