SNOOP DOGG Surprised with 48 Weed to Celebrate His 48TH Birthday

No word what kinda birthday cake Snoop Dogg had, but guarantee it  would taste  really good!!!

Snoop Dogg who just turned 48 years celebrated his birthday in the most typical way. The folks who know him best surprised him with one of the things he loves most on this Earth … WEED!!!

His friends brought him a customized bouquet filled with over 4 dozen joints. This type of gift probably isn’t very surprising for Snoop, who is known to love cannabis so much he probably smokes 4 dozen joints on a daily basis.

The rapper was gifted a basket of ganja as gift, the flower were arranged with 48 pre-rolled joints filled with the stickiest of the icky.

snoop dogg 48 joint weed gift for birthday

The gift involved joints that were half-filled with Indica, while the other half was filled with Sativa. In addition to the normal plants, the bouquet even had 4 small weed clones and 8 tall ones.

TMZ reports said: Snoop’s present is the creation of the cannabis floral designer and artist, Leslie K Monroy … and she tells us folks at Snoop’s weed company, Merry Jane saw some of her work at Flower on flower and just had to get something dank for the Doggfather.


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