Stormzy Effect Getting More Black Students Admitted into Cambridge University

Dubbed the ‘Stormzy effect’, admissions of Black students at the university are now up by 50 percent.

Ghanaian-British rapper Stormzy is busy helping Black students get into one of the most prestigious universities in the world. Last year, the rapper launched his own scholarship which aims to provide funding for Black students wanting to be admitted into Cambridge University.

According to AllHipHop, the rapper has been credited with a 50 percent increase in the admissions of Black students at the top-tier university. The phenomenon has now been dubbed the “Stormzy effect”.

The rapper has now granted scholarships to four students, paying their tuition fees and living costs for two black students each year.

Cambridge has revealed that in 2019, the figures for black students were up 50 percent on the previous year, due in part to what has been dubbed the “Stormzy effect.”

In an interview, Stormzy explained how his own educational success attracted a lot of media attention.

“They’re always a bit shocked that there’s academic brilliance in a young black South London brother with a street background,” Stormzy said. “If you saw a group of lads outside the chicken shop on push-bikes, I’m sure a lot of them are academically brilliant. Little did you know!”

Guardian Reports once have it that Cambridge University has been under heavy fire for its lack of diversity. Last year, statistics showed that the institution had failed to admit a single Black British student at more than one in four of its colleges during 2015 and 2017.

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