UPDATE: Tekashi 6ix9ine Transcript Saying “He Never Mentioned Cardi B as a TREY”

Rapper Cardi B made lot of headlines as at last week when reports said Tekashi 6ix9ine allegedly told the courts during his testimony on Thursday that Cardi was a member of the Nine Trey Bloods.

Well updated Leaked transcript said he never said anything as such and that it was all a LIE, This was after reports from complex came in quoted:

Defense attorney Alex Huot questioned if the rapper “knew Cardi B was” a member of the Bloods, to which he replied, “Correct”; however, according to court documents obtained by Complex, 6ix9ine never once claimed that Cardi was associated with the Nine Trey set, but did acknowledge she was a self-proclaimed Blood.”

this is safe to say Tekashi 6ix9ine did mention Jim Jones name from the earlier report of the full details about the court hearing that lead to his ex manager Shotti being sentenced to 15 years.

6ix9ine Name Dropping And List Of Snitched Names So Far

Although It’s an open fact that Cardi is Blood-affiliated, but NOT Nine Trey. This was confirmed from her interview with GQ back then April 8 2018 with Cardi quoted saying:

“When I was 16 years old, I used to hang out with a lot of … Bloods,” she told GQ back in 2018. “I used to pop off with my homies. And they’d say, ‘Yo, you really get it poppin’. You should come home. You should turn Blood.’ And I did. Yes, I did.”

The part of the court transcript where Cardi’s name was mentioned can be clearly seen below courtesy of COMPLEX



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